30 years field experience

We only use 100% natural and enviromentally friendly components, for 30 years 

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Wise Use International BV develops and produces several biological products that will stimulate plants to grow and blossom better, fight plagues. Besides we have several projects to clean water and optimize composting.

In the soil, substrate, water and compost, plants, in the intestines of human beings and animals - micro organisms are basically found everywhere. They help to decompose nutrients for a better absorption.

Our philosophy is to restore balance, restoring health in plants, soil, bio mass and animals by activating the existing micro organism, thus facilitating growth, resistance and health.

All our products are composed from 100% biological, natural, environmental friendly components.

We believe that using the purest ingredients is the only way to achieve continuous health and restoring the natural balance.

With years of experience in different fields, mainly agriculture, poultry and water/water management, the founders of Wise Use International BV developed products that can be trusted as safe and effective.

We invite you to visit the rest of our web site and study our products. For any question we would like to refer to your local dealer. If there is no dealer in your country we would be happy to answer your questions ourselves - info@wiseuse.nl.